I've worked amongst an array of photographic entities ranging from portraiture, landscapes, fashion, and product. You can see a snapshot of my work below, but if you are looking for something specific, please don't hesitate to contact me. 


My dream is to bring exceptional photography to everyone for a reasonable and cost.


Let's make the world look better!   


Weddings & Family Photography

In my world, family is not an important thing. It's everything. Capturing the most special family moments is so crucial to make sure you hold on to those memories for as long as possible. I've travelled all around the world taking the images for families that you want to look at over and over again and hold a special place in your heart. If you need a photographer for anything from Weddings, Christenings, family portraits, baby shoots, engagement photography or even just a family gathering - please contact for availability and pricing. 


Phil Spencer, the UK's favourite property personality, tells us "High-quality photography and floor plans are vital for selling your home". The bottom line here is simple, estate agents aren't photographers (sorry guys). 

Making your property stand out is crucial when selling your house. Working on behalf of estate agents or individuals, I'll make sure to highlight the most beautiful features of your home, for yourself and estate agents to share with potential buyers.  

My digital SLR camera, combined with lighting perfection, I will ensure all images are lit and composed to their full potential, leaving you with images that will covert into viewings and of course a sale!  

Property Photography Packages


- The property between 1-5 bedrooms 

- 20 retouched images (including all rights and distribution

- 2-3 hours at the property 


- All rooms photographed (inc all bedrooms) 

- 30 retouched images (including all rights and distribution

- 4 hours at the property 


- Any size property 

- 5 retouched images (including all rights and distribution

- 30 mins at property 

Commercial Photography

Feature Image

Social Media Photography


Information & Packages

Social media. That extra compulsory practice, that's part of running a business in the 21st century that can often fall to the bottom of the list. Has that feeling of frustration ever arisen because you can't keep up with producing content? Especially when you spend precise time posting and see little monetary value returned. Before you sigh, you are not the only one. 

Let's not beat it round the bush, keeping your audience engaged whilst increasing your following is hard work. FULL STOP.  So you've now reached a point where your number one fans are looking at you for regular and relevant content, and here I am to create eye-catching imagery to grow and make a real impact on the sustainability of your company. I've found that the packages below have helped my clients with all areas of building social channels, but of course, if you are looking for a custom package, please don't hesitate to contact me directly. 

Launch Package

Username and password chosen, profile picture selected and website connected - your social channel is set up. Now you've got to start posting. This particular package is built for businesses that don't have the time to create engaging content for their followers. 

With this package, firstly you and I will sit down for an hour and discuss what areas of the company you want to highlight to the world. Thereafter, this package includes; 

- 1 hour of consultation and planning

- 1 hour of photography

- Retouching and file preparation

- 5 Photographs optimized for social channels



Midie Package

Keeping your audience engaged, knowing what to post and then growing your following is extremely difficult, especially when there are only so many hours in the day. 

Similar to the launch package, I'll come to you and discuss important elements of the business you're looking to highlight which I'll then convert into imagery. I will supply you with enough content to post every other day for a month. 

- 2 hours of consultation, strategy and planning

- 3 hours of Photography 

- Retouching and file preparation 

- 15 Photographs optimised for social channels

Business Package

If pushing your social channels is at the top of your list of priorities, then this package is for you and your business. 

Optimising your message, and creating engaging content is crucial to any business. Engagement on social channels increases your chance of getting a lead. That's a fact. So investing in this solution will generate leads, as well as the chance to talk to future generations. 

With your supplied images, you'll have enough content to post daily for one month! 

- 2 hours of consultation, strategy and planning

- Up to 1 full day of Photography

- Retouching and file preparation

- 30 Photographs optimized for social channels


Developing my editing skills throughout my degree, then mastering them during my professional work, my retouching skills advanced after every image. So much so, I hold an Adobe Certificate in Photoshop, which is a professional accreditation that's recognised globally to demonstrate editing excellence in Adobe software. 


My retouching services cost £5 per image and will be returned within 24 hours. Please contact me directly for a custom quote, if you are sending over more than 10 images. 


Retouching Information

Email Me




The total price quoted includes 1-hour consultation, photography work, retouching and travel to locations. A surcharge of 45p per mile will be added to any locations beyond a 20-mile radius of Barnstaple. This excludes one-off custom work - please enquire for exact quotes.


Once a package is booked, a 20% deposit from the total fee will need to be paid upon invoice delivery. The final payment will then be due once the shoot has taken place, and prior to the delivery of images. The deposit becomes nonrefundable if the booking is canceled after 10 days prior to the shoot. 

Images will be supplied via Wetranfer, once the last payment has been received. Photographs can be sent to you via memory stick, or CD, but this is an extra cost depending on location. 


Payments & Bookings




M: 07799 478318


A: United Kingdom