Web Process

One deep breath. 

Optimizing your online communications is hard work. That's a fact.


But that's where I step in using structure and industry knowledge.  

The digital age has brought a wealth of knowledge straight to our doorstep, which can be great - but also means we feel distorted when knowing what's right for us. 

No differently to getting your car fixed, you wouldn't think twice about using a car mechanic when you want a specialist job. You'll invest so that the job is done right. 

I've worked alongside FTSE companies, and I can assure you that every business will struggle to communicate in a way that represents their brands and ethics. So, I like to reassure all my clients that they are not alone and actually it's ok to get a specialist to come in and help. 

I've outlined my process below, but before we kick-off, you'll receive a detailed step-by-step PDF of upfront content and preparation prior to design starting. 












Business Strategy

You've now made the glorious decision to work with me, yay! Our primary step is to fill out my booking form here. Once I've received your form with your initial details, I'll get in touch to book a discovery call. On this call based on a short description of what you're looking for an invoice and design contract will be generated. Please note, all works cannot proceed until 50% of the invoice is received as well as signatures on all forms sent. 

The serious bit is all taken care of now and we will kick off the project by understanding your requirements. I'll help you with this by providing you with 'Alexandra's Creative Studio Pack' which gives you all the information you'll need in order to collate content for your website. 

This step allows me to understand the core of your business and what your priorities are. Perhaps there are areas of the business that are being underpromoted? Let me advise how your competitors might be communicating to optimize your approach.  


This can often be the more tricky hurdle to get over, but don't worry because once this is done you can sit back until the preview stage. Within the 'Alexandra's Creative Studio Pack', you'll find a content page which helps you to collate what you'll say in each section of your website. As well as this, you'll need to gather all your images that I can use within the new site. Of course, if you need help with creating new visual content - I know where you'll find a great photographer (cough cough... me)! Once you're all ready, I'll share a dropbox file with you and we can get cracking on the design. 


I'll start working on two design concepts for your review. Don't forget you have 1 round of review, but if there are any extra rounds of changes costs will arise. Once you've given me the thumbs up, I'll finish designing the rest of the website.   

Testing and Launch

Depending on the specifications of your website, somewhere between 12-21 working days later, I'll send over your test website for your review. You'll then have a chance to make any changes by filling out the final page of 'Alexandra's Creative Pack' so I can make these final updates. 

Then POP THAT PROSECCO cause your site is ready! You'll then have admin control over your website but of course, your fairy-web-mother is only one call away if you did need some updates.  

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